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  • What is the evidence for God’s existence?

    Or do we take it simply by ‘Faith’? Many ask whether God really exists and if God’s existence is detectable in a rational way. After all, no one has seen God. So maybe the idea of God is simply a psychology operating of our minds. Since God’s existence affects our understanding of ourselves, our future, […]

  • Justice for Nations in a Globalized World: How does the Bible foresee it?

    With the advent of air travel followed by the internet with social media it seems that the world has shrunk. Now we can be in instant communication with anyone on the planet. We can travel to anywhere on the globe in 24 hours. Translation apps with Google and Bing have enabled people to communicate in […]

  • What about Evolution? Did we Evolve or were we Created?

    I was an avid science reader while in school.  I read about stars and atoms – and most things in-between.  The books that I read and what I learned in school taught me that scientific knowledge had established evolution as a fact.  Evolution proposes that all life today descended over long ages from a common […]

  • Why would a Loving God allow Suffering, Pain and Death?

    Of the various reasons put forward denying the existence of an all-powerful and loving Creator this often tops the list.  The logic seems pretty straightforward.  If God is all-powerful and loving then He can control the world and would control it for our well-being. But the world is so full of suffering, pain and death […]

  • What does the Bible teach about Environmental Stewardship?

    What does the Bible say about the environment and our responsibility to it?  Many think that the Bible only deals with ethical morals (i.e., do not lie, cheat or steal). Or perhaps it only concerns an after-life in heaven.  But the relationship between mankind, the earth, and life on it, along with our responsibilities are […]

  • Simple but Powerful: How can Jesus’ sacrifice cancel your Karma?

    Karma, like gravity, is a principle or law actively impacting you and me.  Karma can mean many things. But the fundamental idea is that we have deeds, and the merit for virtuous deeds and the penalty for evil deeds take root in us.  Unless our deeds are completely virtuous then we continue in the samsara […]

  • Is there a difference between Christianity and the Gospel?

    Christianity as a religion has been in Europe (and then the Americas) for about 2000 years. It first came when the Apostle Paul crossed the Bosporus Strait and entered Macedonia around 50 CE. This is recorded in the Book of Acts, chapter 16. Brief History of Christianity in Europe Christianity began as a despised Jewish […]

  • The most unique Book: What is its Message?

    Brilliant and creative writers have penned many great books down the centuries. Books of different genres written in multiple languages from diverse cultures have enriched, informed, and entertained mankind over generations. The Bible stands unique among all these great books. It is unique in several ways. Its Name – The Book The Bible literally means […]

  • The Noah Controversy: Could that Flood have happened?

    When the movie “Noah” came out in 2014 there was a lot of hype and controversy.  Critics questioned the plotline for not following the Biblical account. In the Islamic world several countries banned the movie since it visually depicted a prophet, strictly forbidden in Islam.  But these issues are minor when compared to a much […]

  • What is the ‘Son of Man’? The Paradox at Jesus’ Trial

    The Bible uses several titles in referring to Jesus. The most prominent is ‘Christ’, but it also uses ‘Son of God‘ and ‘Lamb of God‘ regularly. However, Jesus often refers to himself as ‘Son of Man’. What does this mean and why does he use this term? It is in the trial of Jesus that […]

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